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Nathan Charles

I'm from Chichester. Well to be honest I'm actually originally from Portsmouth but I sometimes eat lunch in Pret a Manger to fit in with the locals here. 



Theo Moore

I'm from Brighton. At least, that's what I tell people. They've never heard of the village I grew up in, and who can blame them. It's tiny. But near Brighton. Ish.

Amy's Headshot

Amy Mawer


I’m Amy, the ginger one. I’m an up and coming theatre maker, based in the heart of London. I first met Nathan and Theo at university, and somehow they roped me into reviewing for them… but I can’t complain, I love a good show.

Craig Unadkat


Graduated from the University of Chichester with Nathan and Theo. The best 5th of Red Biscuit Theatre. Use large words that I don't understand to sound smart.


Tiffany Clark


I graduated from Southampton Solent University with a First Class BA (Hons) Performance degree and work professionally as a singer and actor alongside writing for The Crumb. 


The Team


Isabelle Tyner


I am a Drama and Theatre graduate from the University of Chichester. I love writing (especially for The Crumb of course), collaborating and directing. I’m excited to get into the real world of theatre. Also slightly terrified, but aren’t we all?


Ashlie Bedwell


I’m Ashlie, I actually am from Brighton, but currently living in Chichester studying for my Masters (oooh fancy). Feminist, socialist, sex positive, queer queen!


Anna Hulm


Tanya Moore


Mother (of a small Red Biscuit), teacher and sometime-theatre-critic.  I’m delighted to be asked to review for The Crumb now and then, as I always get a thrill from watching live performances and usually can’t stop talking afterwards.


Acting Graduate from The University of Chichester. Originally from Kent. Met the boys when I was a little first year and they were the glorified third years we knew as the “Cookie Boys”. Avid theatre-goer that doesn’t stop talking about what I’ve seen, so maybe I should finally write it down!

Will Seebohm



Violet Mackintosh



 I am a Portsmouth based Actor and Writer, currently using my acting based skills teaching youth children and teens. The performances I’m most passionate about are stand up comedy.


James Watkins


I’m Violet, a student from London, studying in Canada. I’ve worked as a stage manager and production assistant at various venues and can usually be found thinking/writing/reading about theatre, never without a notebook in hand! My own theatre blog is: The Violet Curtain 


Dom Conneely Hughes


Graduate from the University of Leeds, master's student at Central Saint Martins. Fun uncle to some, atrocious friend to others. Yarn spinner to all. Reviewing for the Crumb whilst I attempt to write my own fiction, so others can tear that to pieces.

Former Comic Orange, current freelance clown. advocate of all things wierd and wonderful. Comedy writer and Surrealist at heart who enjoys some rum from time to time 


Madhav Bhargav


Madhav is a PhD researcher in developmental clinical psychology at Trinity College Dublin. He has previously worked as a researcher in the area of adolescent mental health in Ireland. A researcher by day and a movie fanatic by night. He also finds peace in brewing his own coffee at home. Find him on Twitter here: @MadhavBhargav9

Image by Emily Morter


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