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Review: Triple (Ants Theatre, The Space)

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

‘Triple, so good you’ll come three times.’

ANTS Theatre made a memorable entrance to The Space Theatre this week with their incredible show, Triple, written by skilled new writer Lee Lauren and directed by ANT Lu Curtis. Run by an all-female and non-binary creative team, this three-part show is a slick selection of monologues and duologues performed by the incredibly talented Ayesha Griffiths and Katja Quist: ‘a darkly comic look at love and late capitalism’.

The show opens with Griffith’s first character declaring her love for the supermarket chain Sainsbury’s – and boy does she show us how much she loves it. The audience erupts in laughter within the first minute, due to Griffith’s hilarious presentation of the comical fast-paced script, which cleverly sneaks in a pun or joke with every twist and turn. This impressive skill continues consistently throughout the show, with Quist making her entrance after the first interval. Both women show raw and truthful performances even though the script is utterly ridiculous, it's impressive to accomplish but I find myself both belly laughing and sitting on the edge of my seat at the same time.

After a short break for set change, the two performers come together to perform three short duologue scenes to end the show. In this part of the performance, their added improvisations allow the chemistry between the pair to be shown to the spectators. The audience feels so involved in each scene, with performers often breaking the fourth wall, adding a sense of reality to their wild stories.

ANTS Theatre finished their run of Triple at The Space on Saturday, but are looking to take their ‘messy message of (f)threedom’ to theatres across London and the UK. If you are interested in this show, or have the ability to host their production at your venue, please get in touch with them via their email:

For more info on the show click here, and be sure to check out @antstheatre on social media to keep up with their fabulous work!

Photo credit: Izzy Romilly

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