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Review: [Title Of Show], London Coliseum

I have to be honest with you here reader, when I first got sent the press release for [Title of Show] a few weeks back, I initially thought they’d simply forgot to change the formatting text of a template email; I’d never heard of the show but after watching this meta-musical, Hunter Bell & Jeff Bowen’s show about the making of a show has quickly become one of my favourite productions of 2020.

The real-life story of [Title of Show] centres around two self-confessed musical theatre geeks, Hunter (Tyrone Huntley) and Jeff (Marc Elliot), with their last-minute submission to the New York Musical Festival back in 2004. They’ve got just three weeks to make an entirely original musical. But what do they write about? Panic quickly ensues. Aided by their friends Susan (Jenna Russell) and Heidi (Lucie Jones) we follow the group on a bizarrely meta journey of writing an original musical about writing a musical with the end goal of eventually ‘figuring out how to be a part of all that’ Tony-laden magic on Broadway.

Using just a few props, four office chairs, bundles of energy and heaps of imagination, we whizz from Bowen’s apartment in New York to the potential glistening lights of a Broadway run. There is no question that all four of the cast here, under strong direction from Josh Seymour, are utterly endearing in their own right; each delivering stand-out performances throughout.

[Title Of Show] is available to watch online til the 14th November, tickets are available here:

Photo by Danny Kaan

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