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Review: Police Cops In Space (Komedia, Brighton)

Police Cops in Space, the award-winning lo-fi sci-fi performance that is guaranteed to have you in stitches. I first found this comedy trio in Edinburgh Fringe performing their newest show Police Cops: Badass Be Thy Name and had been yearning for another taste of their enchanting madness ever since. To my delight, this show is of the exact same caliber.

The show follows young Sammy Johnson, the son of 'the best damn police cop in the world', who aims to avenge his late father and become 'the best damn police cop... in space'. The trio use movement sequences to portray some of the struggles of Sammy on his journey, as he often turns to alcoholism in dark times. These sequences are in keeping with their comedic style, yet have the undertone of driving the story and although they don't look particularly difficult (barring one move that was genuinely impressive to watch) they are all purposeful and enhance the experience.

Upon revisiting Police Cops (formerly known as The Pretend Men) in this second performance, I've come to understand what each individual actor brings to the creation of their vibrant, comedic, physical masterpieces.

Tom Roe's character acting is second to none. His voice and body are a metamorphic plethora of talent and he has a knack for adding just the right amount of melodrama to each role. Nathan Parkinson is the audience's anchor. Generally playing the lead role, providing someone to follow. This may not sound like much, but when the story is propelling forward at a million miles an hour having someone that can keep an audience in the loop is incredibly important and he performs the role brilliantly. Zachary Hunt is a phenomenon of his own. Often creating the moments where the trio appear to go off the rails, yet also being spectacularly funny in his own right.

It's clear that all three of these guys are having fun on stage, which is a joy to watch and this infectious Police Cops brand of energy effortlessly spills over into the audience, as they're met with roaring laughter from the get-go. Personally, I believe that the Police Cops vast success lies in how accessible they make their comedy. You don't need to be a theatre fan to watch these guys, anyone can go and have the absolute time of their lives.

With zany creativity, an inventive sense of humour and energy to spare, Police Cops in Space is yet another smashing success; the perfect combination of insanity and hilarity.

Police Cops In Space is heading on tour! Check out their dates here -

Review by Craig Unadkat

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