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Review: Jonny & The Baptists - Love Edinburgh Hate Bastards

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

As we file into the charming Assembly Roxy the venues playlist serenades us with well known love songs, and members of the audience slowly shift into a gentle sway. We are told by performers Jonny and Paddy that they are branching away from the style for which they are beloved - political comedy. This is not a political piece, it’s all about love. Not politics. Definitely, definitely not about politics. 

Capitalism is the victim and Jonny and Paddy the attackers. The big shot bosses who line their pockets with bucket loads of untaxed cash are placed directly in the firing line. The pair suggest we should all relieve ourselves of this unfair system by giving our money to the duo for them to ‘dispose’ of on our behalf. A lone £5 note floats towards them from an audience member, rapturous laughter ensues. They are on side.

The chemistry between the musical-activist performers is clear from the off. Jonny Donnahoe and Paddy Gervers use the hour to charge their way through a catalogue of hilarious new material with witty songs that include contemplating what would happen if they were God and why Winston Churchil shouldn’t be on the £5 note (there are many reasons).

Not all songs are upbeat however as Jonny discusses the birth of his daughter and Paddy a heartbreaking recall of how he mourns his late mother. Paddy’s song in particular moved the audience to the point where at the end of the song, through teary eyes, he received a minutes worth of applause. As loveable and wholesome as Jonny is, you can’t help but want to see more of Paddy in this hour long show.

Hilarious yet heart-wrenching - Johnny and The Baptists: Love Edinburgh Hate Bastards is exactly what you’d expect from the comedy duo - with a bit more heart thrown in for good measure. It might not be a ‘political show’ - but it is an absolute stormer.

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