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Review: Jekyll & Hyde (Assembly Picolo Tent)

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Thank fuck they’re back. Everyone’s favourite French storytellers. A Slightly Isolated Dog have brought another adaption to Edinburgh, this time Jekyll & Hyde gets their sexy treatment.

From the moment they pour out of the venue’s doors, bursting with energy and bellowing compliments onto their beautiful audience, you know this will be another gorgeous hour from the fabulous five.

They tell the story of Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde, with the help of the audience who concoct potions and, in one of the best teched moment at the fringe, viscously shoot down charging attackers. In their last show, Don Juan, they encouraged us to enjoy the frivolous, to love without limits and this one does too. Through the cautionary tale of Doctor Jekyll, who poured all of his badness into a potion, they are also urging individuals to accept the darkness within. Rather than extract it into a separate identity and run riot at specific intervals (which many are rushing to do). It is a good message, and one that they offer with their expected sexy spirit, we should love ourselves - even the bad bits. Not that they're advocating a complete release on all our bad thoughts and impulses, no, of course we must all work hard to 'push it down'; but they are truly wonderful at helping out with that.

To say that this company is inventive is not enough. They take a plot and they turn it on its head, using a multitude of textures to neatly weave together a retelling of Louis Stevenson's novella; and what an exciting version it is. To say that these five are talented is not enough. They are marvellous physical performers, immediately lovable improvisers and all superb vocalists. I could spend hours on end with this company, basking in their endlessly giving energies, but alas we must leave. And they are too, very soon. Catch their last three performances at the Picolo Tent in George Square. You won’t be disappointed.

Jekyll and Hyde is on at Assembly George Square Gardens - Piccolo at 15:00, on until the 26th August. Tickets available here -

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