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Review: Elephant's Graveyard (The Production Exchange online)

The production team, Emma Denly and Sophie Matthew, and director, Colin Blumenau, excellently pair the costume, music and backdrop with the narrative. With a fast paced and page turning script by Brant, Blumenau brings this story of community, revenge and tragedy to life on our screens. Small details such as the film filter, along with the photos and editing, by Phil Sealey, makes this 1914 play an accurate and pleasing aesthetic for home viewing.

A special mention to Dannie Harris, for her portrayal of the young ballet girl, aware of her pretty privilege in society. Though not recognised in the narrative, her character exposes the inequality of women as objects of desire in her profession. She elegantly gives her character a naïve air to her, and yet an emotional depth. Others to mention are, Esmee Cook and Philippa Hogg for their southern accents and charming characterisations. However, all the cast were committed and engaging.

Be careful what you wish for is definitely the echoing moral of the story, as the American Dream always seems to good to be true…and this story couldn’t frame it any better. The whole cast perfectly capture the audience with a turbulent narrative, that stirs real emotions. Despite it’s short run, I would love to see this show go onto bigger things, with all actors (who are supported by the charity that is The Production Exchange) featuring in it. Elephant's Graveyard runs until the 19th of September, for more information and tickets click here.

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